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What is a Movie Distributor?

A distributor is the owner and licensee of motion picture rights. They are responsible for getting the movie into theaters, and licensing the rights to desired third parties.


What is Syndication?

This is the goal for any television show. When a show goes into syndication, the studio will sell the broadcast rights to a particular station. This is usually on a per episode basis and occurs when a show is on its 3-4th season with 100 episodes. This is where studios begin to see profits from their television shows. When a network buys a television show from a studio, the cost to purchase the show is usually less than the cost to produce the show. In other words, studios don’t make a profit by selling their shows to the initial network. Profit is usually made when the show goes into syndication…and we’re talking a lot of profit. Usually a station will by multiple season of a particular show as a package. Price of the package can range from $10-000-$850,00 per episode.

Put Pilot/Penalties

This is a provision that a TV studio or writer may include in a deal with a network in regards to a certain project. This guarantees the studio that the pilot will be shot, or the studio will be paid a fee if the pilot is not shot. This is done for high-profile projects or as incentive when more that one network is bidding for the project. Script penalties can range from $50,000 to $200,000. Pilot penalties can range all the way up to $1M.

What is a Blind Script Agreement?

This agreement commits the writer to write for an “undecided project”. A studio will do this if they like the writer and know that they want to work with him/her. This will commit the writer to write any project once they decide what that project is. Most studios will sign this deal even if they know what project they want their writer to write for. The will do this just in case they change their mind, or the project doesn’t sell. In this way they can get the writer to write on a project that does end up selling to the network.