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TV Hierarchy Of The Writing Staff

For scripted television shows, the writing staff is paramount, and often large in size. They can range in sizes from four writers, all the way to twenty writers. Comedy shows, and talk shows often have more writers than dramas.

Showrunner: On the TV credits, the showrunner will receive an executive producer (EP) credit. Often times, he/she will be the last EP mentioned. In TV world, the showrunner is king; unlike the film world where the director is king.

Executive Producer –  These are usually upper level senior writers with lots of writing experience. The help the showrunner in running the writer’s room, and developing the series.

Supervising Producer



Story Editor – This title often given to the senior staff writer.

Staff Writer – Once the story is broken and laid out by the writers room and approved by the showrunner, often times the staff writer will be assigned to type up the first draft of the script.

Writers’ Assistant – This person does not take part in the story creating process. Their job, for the most part, is be present in the writers’ room and take notes while the writers are developing story.

Writers’ PA – Much like a production assistant, this person is in charge of small accounting issues, getting lunches and coffees for the writers.


What is an Executive Producer for TV?

Not to be confused with an Executive Producer (EP) for film, the EP for a television show is the highest title you can receive for a televisions show. There are usually several executive producers of a television show and it includes the showrunner(s), high level writers, and non-writing producers. Television EP’s are ultimately responsible for producing a great televisions episode every week for the network.They report directly to network executives and they make all the creative decisions for that particular television show. Of the EP’s, it’s the showrunner that holds the highest title. They’re the ones that usually receive the “created by” credit at the end of the opening credits.

The saying often goes, “In movies, director is king. In TV shows, EP is king.”

What is an Executive Producer for film?

An executive producer (EP) for film is very different from an executive producer for TV. For film, an EP is a very abstract title. It can mean a number of things. To put it simply, and executive producer is some one who provides an important contribution to the project. This could include financing, or commitment from A-List actor or director. Their involvement with the film could stop at that, or they can be involved in the everyday workings of the project. It depends on the project and the EP. A lot of times managers of A-List actors will get an EP credit on a film even they had nothing to do with the production of that film.  strike an actor deal with the studio and their client.

Studio Hierarchy: DEVELOPMENT

This division is arguably the most important division. The development team is responsible for finding, reviewing, and developing scripts, working with writers, and ultimately green-lighting a film. At the bottom of this division is the reader, followed by the story editor, then the vice president or production executives, and then topped by the head of development.