Will you read my script?

With time being so precious these days, especially in the entertainment business, it seems impossible to find time for yourself, let alone read someone else’s script. For unestablished writers, it’s a large hurdle to get someone important to read their work. They have to network, befriend the right people, and then find the right opportunity to deliver the big ask, “WILL YOU READ MY SCRIPT?”. In addition to this, they have a small sense of guilt because they know they are asking a huge favor and – like all favors – there’s a limited number of times they can ask before they become a nuisance. With this in mind, I asked Vince Gilligan (the creator of the hit show “Breaking Bad”) at a Q&A session for some advice in this matter and he offered a great suggestion which led him to his current success. He suggested to enter into screenwriting competitions. The competitions have industry professionals who are obligated to the scripts that have been submitted. Depending on which competition, these professionals could include agents, managers, studio execs, producers, and network executives. You may not get feed back for your script if it is deemed inadequate, however, if your script is good, you will receive recognition and you will draw attention to it from important industry professionals.


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