Is it illegal to show trademarked or branded items in a film without getting permission?

NO!!! A lot of film makers endure a lot of unnecessary  anxiety/stress attacks over showing trademarked logos, and branded items in their films. The law permits you to use branded items so long as the item is available to the general public for purchase, and that the item is being used for its intended function. So feel free to have your actors type on Apple computers, and drink from Pepsi soda cans. Beware, however, of WORKS OF ART! Just as you need to get clearance for music in your films, you must get clearance from the original artist before you can show their work of art in your film. Normally, this does not include buildings, however, there a few exceptions like the Eiffel Tower, and the Guggenheim Museum. So make sure you do your legal homework on everything that appears in your film.


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