What is “Continuity”

Continuity is always a concern for any filmmaker. When making a motion picture, the filmmaker usually has to shoot a particular scene more than once in order to get the best performance and with different angles in order to get sufficient coverage. When he/she does this, it is crucial to maintain continuity. To maintain continuity is to maintain consistency with the appearance of a set/actors, dialogue, and physical state of props as scenes get shot over and over again. This may seem trivial, but you’d be surprised how many mistakes actually occur in movies. Check out http://www.movie-mistakes.com when you have a spare moment.


One thought on “What is “Continuity”

  1. brijmohun

    As well as having a on the ball script supervisor, one of the major difficulties for continuity is making sure the actors remain focused and in character. One evening whilst reviewing the film footage, I discovered a bottle of water left on set, which had to be re-shot. Unbelievably, later on in that week, I caught a group of actors drinking red bull and tonic water on my set! I impolitely proclaimed that the actors should remove their personal refreshments and after 10 second I had to stop shouting because apart from the sniggering crew I was the only person left on set. It never happened again.


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