What is the value in a film?

I once took a class in film marketing, and the instructor was teaching us about basic marketing principles. He told us that people pay for stuff because they see VALUE in it. Then he asked “What’s the value in film?”. What is the consumer looking for that will make them pay $13+ dollars and take up 3 hours of their day to sit down and watch a movie? Our assignment was to answer this question in 2 sentences or less. Here was my answer (I received full marks):

The value of a film is the emotion it generates within the audience. Whether it’s hope, fear, joy, sadness, suspense, or laughter, the greater the emotion, the greater the value.

I can’t take full credit for coming up with that answer on my own. My writing teaching constantly stressed that emotion is the number one objective for any piece of media. If it doesn’t generate a strong emotion, it is not strong writing. Every time we would read a piece of writing in the class room, our teacher would always ask, “What’s the feeling in the room?” The answer to this question would play a big part in determining whether or not a piece of writing was any good. You as a producer or writer should always keep this in mind when developing your ideas.


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