The Big Picture

When it comes to the film and television industry, we are in the business of selling intellectual property. We create a tangible piece of property – in this case, a movie, or a television show – and we sell it to the public. What makes this business unique compared to any other business, is that we have the ability sell the exact same intellectual property to end users over and over again. For example, once a movie is made, we put it in theaters, and the public will pay money to watch it. If the public likes the movie, they will spend more money to buy the DVD of the exact same property that they have watched once before. Then a few months later, a TV station will pay money for the rights to exhibit that same film, and the public will watch it yet again. In other words, once we make a piece of media, we have to ability to sell it over and over again to different entities. Success is measured by how many sets of eyes you can put on your piece of media, how many times you can get those sets of eyes on your media, how much you can get those sets of eyes to pay you.  This is the big picture of the entertainment industry.


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